Day 2 of #5daysofbotany: Mushrooms

Welcome to day 2 of #5daysfobotany. If you have not had a chance to check out the contest on Instagram you should check it out! You have 5 chances to win at least one 8×10 print and and some extra goodies.

Today I am happy to present the second botany print of the series, Mushrooms.

Illustrated Mushroom Print 8x10

I love mushrooms. I love eating them (when not poisonous), finding them, identifying them and illustrating them! This high-quality, 8×10 print is available in the shop.

Stay tuned over the next few days as I keep adding to the botany collection.

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Bring on The Botany!

You have seen The Fern Print and now, each day of this week, I will introduce an exciting new print. I am thrilled with how each of these illustrated prints turned out and I hope you are too!

Instagram Print Giveaway

And I have even MORE exciting news, you can win (at least) one of your favorite prints by simply sharing on Instagram! This contest is running all week, so maximize your odds by joining in the fun today.

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woodland artwork print illustration

New Botany Fern Illustration Print

In the old days (i.e. pre-baby) I used to spend about an hour a day with my dog Banjo walking through the woods behind our house. We would wander aimlessly through the private forest and collect feathers, mushrooms and leaves. During this time I came to love ferns: their wild long leaves, bumpy undersides and how they cover the forest floor. Ferns also seem to keep appearing and reappearing in my sketches – and so naturally (see what I did there?) I created a print illustrating the leaves of several fern species. Check out the listing for a 8×10 print in the shop.

Botany Fern Illustration Print, 8x10

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