This is A Home Vision Statement Illustrated Print

This Is A Home…

When the new year rolled around I took some time to sit and consider my dreams for the year. What is the resounding theme this year for my family? What will be the statement that I will recall on the tough days — the mission I will have to fight for so that in despite of the tough days, I can press forward towards fulfilling the purposes and promises of my year.

I wrote in a stream-of-conscious style list of statements, “this is a house of…”, and out of my heart came the most sincere dreams I have for my life, for my marriage, for my friendships and for my son.

It is so easy to lose sight of the vision we have for our lives. It is even easier to never set out with a vision in the first place. But the more years that pass, the more important I believe capturing a vision and then consciously trying to bring it into existence is imperative for a life of intention.

I am starting a new series called “This is a Home”.  It is a series of illustrations and statements declaring the dreams of the heart. I would love to partner with you in this process. What is your heart for your home? What is your great dream for this year? What breakthrough do you need for your family?

I would love to come alongside your vision and create a visual reminder of your dream. Share your statement in a comment below.